Housing Counseling


The Tallahassee Urban League has been a certified HUD Counseling
Agency since 1978 and was the first certified HUD program in Leon
County. The program provides clients with foreclosure counseling,
budget counseling, pre-purchase counseling, credit counseling, delinquent/default counseling, landlord/tenant counseling, and any counseling as it relates to housing challenges. The program has assisted over 20,000 clients in the Big Bend Area under the program.


Victim Witness Services 


The Tallahassee Urban League implemented the Victim/Witness Services
Program in 1990 to assist victims and families in coping with the trauma of
violent crime. The program is funded through the Attorney General. Victims
receive support and aid in filing for compensation, referrals, personal
advocacy and crisis intervention. Assistance with the criminal justice
system is provided to ensure victims' rights are upheld. An advocate helps the victims file for financial assistance for medical costs, mental health counseling and compensation for lost wages and disability. In the event of death, the advocate assists with filing for compensation loss of support and funeral services. Inhouse
counseling services are provided.


Home Buyer's Workshop


The program includes monthly First Time Homebuyers Workshops

educating clients concerning the pros and cons of owning their own
home. The workshops are conducted on Tuesdays and Thursdays
from 6:00 until 9:00 P.M. Potential homebuyers who complete the
course receive a Certificate of Completion which makes them eligible
for the down payment assistance program from the Tallahassee
Lender’s Consortium. Over 5,000 participants have graduated from
the program to date.


Housing Rehabilitation


The Housing Rehabilitation program addresses the needs of low to

moderate-income homeowners by repairing their homes. Income
requirements and residency within the city limits determine eligibility.
The program has rehabilitated more than 700 homes since 1978,
and has received an excellent rating from the U.S. Department of
Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The first house TUL
rehabilitated in Tallahassee was using Community Development
Block Grant (CDBG) funds.




Housing is the backbone of the numerous
Urban League offices located throughout the nation. This is the major focus of the Tallahassee Office.

The organization has devised programs
addressing rehabilitation, energy and
emergency repairs, energy efficiency,
weatherization and housing counseling
and First Time Home Buyers


Curtis Taylor

Vice President

Housing Department

Employment Services


This program provides individuals assistance with effective job search tips in the areas of socialization, acquisition, maintenance and adaptation.

One on one and group workshops are offered. Some of the areas
covered are mock job interviews, completion of application, research
the job market, searching the Internet for leads and electronically
mailing applications. The program, funded by the Tallahassee Urban
 League, also provides for the development of resumes and appropriate job referrals.



Utility Referrals


This program provides individuals with a utility waiver, which allows
them to pay 3% of their utility deposit. The remaining balance of the payment is scheduled to be paid in about 30 days. Applicants must be a Tallahassee resident. Applicants cannot have an outstanding utility bill and must provide proof of income, a lease agreement and picture identification.

Emergency Food


The Urban League along with churches, universities, community and businesses help fund this program through donations of monies and non-perishable food. This program is designed to help fill in the gaps for clients who have fallen into emergency situations.



L. Yvonne Whitehead

Program Coordinator